The Sunday Artisan Market is looking for acoustic musicians who play guitar, jazz, reggae, funk, classical, and really anything that isn’t hardcore metal.  We love to hear live music, and the exposure you would get is great for gaining a following or getting your name out there. We can’t pay you, but you can set up your “guitar case” for tips and sell your CDs if you have any.   Email with a link to your music and when you would like to come!  The season is open for booking, so let us know the date(s) you are available.

Here are a few musicians who have played at our market.

Ed Dupas

Americana singer-songwriter Ed Dupas’ lived-in melodies unwind with reflective lyrics and speak to the current state of the human condition, soothing where possible, agitating where necessary, and seeking change where appropriate.

Crafted from the heart, Ed Dupas’ simple yet soulful music flows from an array of broad social themes to more personal narratives of love and loss. Rooted in both realism and idealism, Ed’s musical goal is deeper inquiry and exploration for himself and his listeners. With comparisons ranging from Steve Earle to Bruce Springsteen, Ed paints a sonic picture of the road less traveled and the world de-familiarized. Ed Dupas creates and shares well-worn wide-awake music.

As both a purveyor and enthusiast of small batch music, Dupas is at ease performing in both intimate and spacious settings, focusing less on a specific crowd appeal and more on the creation of a new space – one in which both he and the audience can re-imagine the world. With head moving, foot tapping and body swaying, Dupas often appears unaware of his surroundings, as if lost in the musical process. Born in Houston, Texas and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Dupas is a self-described searcher and thinker, whose religious upbringing managed only to push him away from mainstream ideas, rather than box him in. His father was a computer programmer and his mother worked odd jobs, both trying to make ends meet while fulfilling the obligations of raising three children. Growing up, music was a staple in the household, and family gatherings unfurled to the sounds of children and adults singing familiar songs accompanied by acoustic guitars and a wash tub bass. As a teenager, Dupas returned with his family to the United States, where they made their home just outside of Detroit, MI.

Ed Dupas’ debut release, A Good American Life, was named one of the top country records of 2015 by The Telegraph:

You can find out more about Ed Dupas’ and his music at his website:

Lee Hyland

(available for booking-

Lee is a singer-songwriter living in Southeast Michigan.
A founding member of the band Baked Potato in 1991, he has spent the past seven years performing and recording with Social Bones, enjoying the afterglow of the band’s 2010 release “Breaking the Sky”.

Lee has also written music and/or lyrics with Andrew J. Sigworth, Kellas Brown, Rob “Phat” Nelson, Justin Lee, Chase, Greg Stryker and Angela Sheppard among others. He is a big fan of collaboration, noting that working with others in a selfless fashion is the best way to learn and grow as an artist.

In December 2014 Lee graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in creative writing from Eastern Michigan University. The learning experience galvanized his songwriting, shifting his focus even further toward the role of art and music in the community. He has created and participated in benefit concerts for and finds great comfort in bringing musicians and artists from other mediums together to share unforgettable experiences.

Lee credits a host of local talent for inspiration, along with established greats such as Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead, Nick Drake, Pink Floyd, Frank Allison, Ryan Adams, and recently- Courtney Barnett and Aaron Lee Tasjan.

A melodic writer, compelling singer and gifted lyricist, Lee Hyland creates songs that defy easy description. A lifelong fan of the folk/Americana and jam-band scene, he is often the first person on the dance floor and the last one to leave. With the 2015 release of full-length solo album “Waiting”, Lee looks forward to travelling and sharing his music across America and beyond.

Genre: singer-songwriter, folk-Americana, folk-rock.

Mike Vial

On his previous albums of folk-rock, Mike Vial sings about searching for true love, taking chances, and facing life’s transitions. These themes mirror the songwriter’s ambitious journeys over the years: He left his teaching position to pursue music full time, married writer Natalie Burg, celebrated the birth of their first baby (a girl!), and started a songwriting challenge to write a song a week in 2014. Mike performs 150+ gigs a year. His vocal style is comparable to James Taylor and Ari Hest, but his guitar playing stands out with its own voice, mixing elements of jazz, folk, and rock. He has been showcase performer for Folk Alliance, and in 2014, he won Lansing’s Blue Owl Songwriting Award.