Youth Vendors

The Sunday Artisan Market welcomes artists aged 17 and younger to participate as vendors.

The Market is a wonderful venue for young people to explore selling their art and learn how to be a small business owner. The Market offers a support system to the young artist in that fellow vendors can act as mentors to assist the young artist with display, booth setup, and sales skills.

Pre-Application Process

It is suggested that a potential youth artist and adult co-vender visit the market at least once to see the market setup, look at other artists’ displays, and ask questions.  Visiting the Market will help the young artist prepare.

The youth artist and adult co-vendor should review the information on the Market website under the Info for Vendors tab.

Application Process

Youth artists can apply as daily vendors and follow the same application process as any other vendor, with a few accommodations. 

Potential youth artists must: 

  1. Read our Operating Rules.
  2. Complete an application form.
  3. Mail the completed form and requested materials to the Market’s post-office box address, which is included on the application.

An adult must be listed on the application as a co-vendor along with the youth artist.  This adult must also sign the application.  The responsible adult is asked to participate in and oversee the youth’s application process. 

The Sunday Artisan Market understands that the youth artist may not be able to provide some items (e.g., booth setup and other photos) listed on the application. Youth artists are asked to be as thorough as possible and explain any missing items.

Jury Process

All artists, including youth artists, go through a jury process.  The application committee is made up of other artists.  The application committee will review the youth’s application, read the artist statement, and look at the pictures of the youth’s work. 

The committee will evaluate the youth’s artwork in terms of quality, originality, and artistic merit.  Art made solely from kits may not be accepted. The committee will take into account the age and ability of the artist when deciding whether the artist will be accepted.

If the youth application is accepted, the youth will be notified by email.  The email will include documentation that provides the youth artist and adult co-vendor with the information needed to set up at the Market for the first time.

Booth Assignments

Youth artists follow the same process as any other daily artists when signing in and securing a space on a given Sunday.  The process for signing in and obtaining a space assignment is explained in the information sent with the acceptance email.


Youth artists will pay half of the typical daily rate to rent a booth space.  For the 2020 market season, youth cost is $11.00 per space per day (there is a maximum of two spaces per vendor per day).  This fee is payable at sign-in.

Adult Supervision

An adult who knows the youth — preferably the co-vendor listed on the application — must accompany youth artists.  However, a family member or close friend can substitute for the adult co-vendor.

The adult co-vendor or family member/friend must stay at the market with the youth during the entire market day – from check-in through breakdown.  The adult should assist the youth artist as dictated by their age and experience.  The adult is responsible for ensuring that the youth artist is safe and can make appropriate decisions. 

The adult may leave briefly for bathroom breaks, etc.  If the adult helping the youth needs to leave the booth, it’s a good idea to mention this brief absence to a neighboring artist or the manager.


If you have questions that are not addressed in this document or in the other vendor information pages on the Market website, please visit the manager at the market on Sunday or email