It’s never the same market twice!
The Sunday Artisan Market in Ann Arbor is a unique gathering of local artists and artisans who come together every Sunday to sell hand crafted treasures. Some come almost every week, some come often, some come just a few times.

What will you find? – Browse the categories below for an introduction to some of our vendors.  Every Saturday we publish a Market Day Vendor List on our website and Facebook page with details on who plans to be at the market that week. We can’t guarantee that everyone on the list will be at the market. There may be last minute additions too!

Make a Connection!
When you shop at our market, you make a personal connection directly with the artist. Hear the inspiration behind your coffee mug. Get to know the smiling person who made your soap. Learn how your garden bench was made. Support your local artists and keep your dollars circulating within your community.