COVID-19 Operating Plan

In order for the market to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are guidelines and safety precautions that must be followed. This operating plan has been approved by the city of Ann Arbor.

Plan for Operating The Sunday Artisan Market Under COVID-19 Restrictions


Opening Day: Sunday, April 11, 2021

Weeks of Operation in 2021:  Every Sunday from April 11 through December 19

Hours:  11am-4pm

Safety Precautions (market staff & volunteer vendors will perform these tasks)

Before 11 a.m.:

  • Set up hand-washing stations. 
  • Place stanchions in aisles for directing traffic flow. 
  • Place parking cones as needed.
  • Place Enter and Exit signs at designated entry and exit points. 
  • Place social-distancing and other signage as required.
  • Unlock porta-johns for customer use.

After 4 p.m.:

  • Tear down hand-washing stations.
  • Remove and store stanchions, chains, parking cones, signs, etc. 
  • Lock porta-johns.

Market Logistics

Space assignments will be done each Friday for that Sunday’s market.  

There will be an empty booth space between vendor booths. 

There will be no curbside pickup. 

Vendors and market staff only may access the market office and restrooms. Porta-johns are available in the parking lot for customer use. 


Vendors and customers are required to wear face masks at all times at the market. Masks will be available to vendors if needed. Vendors who are not wearing face masks will be asked to leave the market for the day, and their fees will not be refunded. Customers who are not wearing face masks will be asked to walk around the market perimeter. 

Vendors who sell food may sell pre-packaged food only. Food samples are not permitted. 

Vendors who sell fragrant or scented products (e.g., soap or candles) cannot ask customers to smell their products. Face masks may not be removed or adjusted to expose the nose or mouth for smelling fragrant products.