The Sunday Artisan Market is always looking for talented artists and craftspeople to join Ann Arbor’s unique and diverse Market. The Market accepts new applications year-round.¬†

Applications must be accompanied by supporting photos. ¬†Applications are reviewed by a jury of artisans, and applicants are contacted by email regarding the jury’s decision. During the market season, turnaround time is usually within a week after the application has been received;¬† during the off-season (Jan.-Mar.), turnaround time may take 2 weeks.

  • Application Form. This form is required for vendors applying to the market for the first time and for vendors who have not set up at the market in the past year.
  • Additional Product Application Form. This form is required for existing vendors who would like to add a category to their product lines.

The Sunday Artisan Market strives for media diversity.
Occasionally, a category may be “capped.”