The Sunday Artisan Market is committed to ongoing involvement with our surrounding community.  In addition to supporting local artists and art associations, local non-profit organizations are welcome to participate.  We offer weekly Community Free spaces for these groups to share and communicate their mission. If you are interested in utilizing one of our booths for your organization please email at and we will get you scheduled.  We prefer to help non-profits but are totally open to other businesses that have some relation to Kerrytown or art in general.


General Information

Thank you for your interest in The Sunday Artisan Market Community Free Space.  We are proud to support the work of non-profits, local groups and individuals by providing a space free of charge within our venue.

Typically, we work with local art organizations, schools, community organizations, or non-profit groups whose goals are a good fit with the family atmosphere of our Market.  Occasionally space is available to feature local artist’s demonstrations. Any artist interested in participating beyond the scope of a one-day demo  must follow the procedures of  the standard Application process.


The Market reserves the right to accept or deny usage of the space to any organization or individual.

To Schedule a Reservation:

Contact person:  Diane Sheffrey


Please email your request to Diane Sheffrey at the above address.  Include the name of your organization or group, in addition to the name and phone number of your contact person.

Briefly describe the function and goals of your organization, identify your clientelle and/or target population, and explain what you plan to do at the Market (hand out informational materials, sell a product, demonstrate a process, etc.).

If you already have dates in mind, please include them in your email.

You will be contacted either by return email or phone.