Chess board by artist Matías González- Matías’ WoodWorks L.L.C. Exotic Chess Boards & High-Quality Cutting/Charcuterie Boards at the Ann Arbor Sunday Artisan MarketArtist: Matías González
Business: Matías’ WoodWorks L.L.C.
Products: Exotic Chess Boards & High-Quality Cutting/Charcuterie Boards

Email: matiaswoodworks1@gmail.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/matiaswoodworks_/

I have been woodworking for only 2 years, right out of high school, yet I have created amazing things! My knowledge is only growing and I hope to make more fantastic things in the future.

Adirondack Chair by Mike Bogdan, Lakeside Woodworking LLCName: Mike Bogdan
Business: Lakeside Woodworking LLC
Products: Adirondack Folding Chairs, Glider Benches, Porch Swings, Captain Chairs, Keepsake Boxes, Audio Speakers

Email: lakesidewoodworking@gmail.com
Phone: 734-431-2694
Website: https://www.lakesidewoodworkingllc.com/

I build handcrafted Adirondack chairs, captain chairs, porch swings and glider benches, keepsake boxes and audio speakers in stunning hardwood cabinets.
My vision is to bring more joy to everyone who will see, touch, hear, and use my handcrafted work.
Having the privilege to work with rough-cut softwood and hardwood species and transform them into beautifully finished useful and meaningful products for people to enjoy is very fulfilling.

Mouse House by Maxine BiwerName: Maxine Biwer
Business: MouseHouse Woodworking
Products: Articles built from reclaimed wood: small shelves, boxes, trays, as well as Mouse Houses (doll houses about 1:16 scale) and Mouse furniture

Email: mouseworking@gmail.com

I’ve been working with wood since I was given a toolbox at age 10, and my first projects were built with scraps I found in the garage. Nothing has really changed except for the size of the operation. I still collect wood scraps, only now I use a truck and I think about the planet. I find great happiness in rescuing wood destined for the dumpster and giving new life to reclaimed materials.

My Mouse Houses trace back to the dollhouse my grandfather built for my brother and me, which we populated with a gang of small stuffed animals who had grand adventures and a cozy home life when they returned from their outings. I hope to pass on some of the joy my grandfather gave to us, along with an appreciation for the smaller things in life, whether it’s a mouse or a repurposed bottle cap.

Wooden Rings by Artist Bill GroveArtist: Bill Grove
Business: Bill’s Fine Woodworking
Product: I make a variety of small-scale wood crafts. At times throughout the year, I make and sell wood coasters and wood Christmas tree ornaments, in addition to the wood jewelry I make and sell year-round. The wood rings and wood earrings are individually made from a variety of both domestic (black walnut, mahogany, maple) and imported exotic hardwoods (rosewood, zebrawood, purpleheart, padauk, yellowheart). Each item is sealed with high gloss polyurethane to protect it. No stains or artificial dyes are used. (Nature took care of that for me!)

Email Address: wgrove@charter.net

After retiring from a career in pharmaceutical research, I picked up a woodworking hobby. I discovered the Sunday Artisan Market in 2021 and now look forward to all aspects of designing, making, displaying, and selling my handiwork in Kerrytown. I always enjoy interacting with potential customers and answering their questions about how I make my wood jewelry. Whether they buy an item or not, I appreciate the time they spend at my table and enjoy receiving any compliments they have to offer.

Artists:  Jodi Bingham and Sandy Kaszyca
Business: Jandi Creations
Products: Charcuterie/cutting/fractal boards, lazy Susan’s, table tops, and other wood products. Live edge wood slabs and custom items.
Phone: 248-800-6467
Jandi Creations specializes in wood products such as charcuterie and cutting boards, table tops, and custom items. We source logs from across Michigan. All of the wood is “rescued” from logs that otherwise would be used for firewood or chipped.

We personally mill the logs and dry them in our solar kiln. Because we own a sawmill and CNC machine, we are able to create custom items with personalized details.

Eric Bloom - Eclipse Artist: Erik Blom
Products: Turned & carved bowls/vessels, small furniture pieces, metal work

Email: erikrblom@hotmail.com
Phone: 734-474-1176

I learned the art of woodworking from my father. I combine wood and steel into a single piece with a little bit of forging and sculpting of metal, which is conformed to the wood. You have to let the metal cool, then shape it until it meets the parameters of the wood.


Artist: Stephen Cain
Sandy Mush Artworks

Email: cains1001@bellsouth.net
Website: www.sandymushartworks.com

I design a wide variety of crafts, including functional and decorative art mostly out of cherry wood. Some of it has a children’s theme. I also make lazy susans, cutting boards, and serving trays. I make kaleidoscopes out of brass and stainless steel, and also make metal bracelets/cuffs. I aim for creations that are useful, fun, and modestly priced.  I’m a retired journalist and I make what pleases me.

Artist: Julie Hill
Business: Hole in the Wall Woodworking
Products: I use a scroll saw to make intricate designs out of domestic hardwood. I make ornaments as well as functional art.

Email: jwadding81@gmail.com  
Phone:  517-740-4957

I started working in wood because of my father and it turned into a hobby.


Artist: Lloyd Holdwick
Business: Artistics in Wood
Products: Wooden bowls and chopping boards created from Maple, Ambrosia Maple, Black Cherry, and Hemlock.

Email: hhi123@comcast.net



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Artist: Thien Pham
Prairie Home & Garden
Products: Custom-made wooden home and garden furniture, cedar hope chests, entryway benches, planters, birdhouses, bird feeders, and mailboxes. I primarily use Michigan oak and cherry wood.

Email: tpham1807@yahoo.com
Phone: 734-546-1907

I enjoy woodworking and have been doing it for more than 10 years. I would like to thank my customers for their support.  I couldn’t do it without them. I want to do this for the rest of my life and there is nothing better than doing what you love. I wish for everyone to do something that they love, like I do.

Artist: Thomas Raistrick
Business: TRSpoons
Products: Spoons and wooden curiosities  

Email: tparaistrick@gmail.com
Phone: 248-497-9278
Website: trspoons.Wordpress.com