Soap/Personal Care

Hoppy Soap

Artist: Stephanie Bolz
Business: Hoppy Soaps
Products: Bar soaps, bath bombs, shower fizzies, body butter, lip balm, deodorant
Phone: 734-887-6103
Twitter: @hoppysoaps
Instagram: Hoppy Soaps

I offer handmade, vegan, palm oil & preservative-free soap and body care products — perfect for gifts, for use in the guest bathroom and for daily use.

Fox and Fern BotanicalsArtist: Annie Cottrill
Business: Fox + Fern Botanicals
Products: Botanical Skincare, Alcohol-Free Herbal Remedies, and Therapeutic Aromatherapy

Phone: 304-382-6611

Annie is a massage and bodywork therapist and has been working with plants and herbal medicine since 2004. She is the creative force behind our company, formulating and handcrafting all of our amazing products. Her reverence of the natural world and the abundant pharmacopeia it offers guide our vision as a company.

At Fox + Fern Botanicals we believe that beauty radiates from the inside out. We embrace whole-body wellness and strive to create a culture of self-love through empowering self-care rituals. We hand-craft each item with love and with you in mind. These creations are more than just products; they are a soul work meditation born out of a deep love and respect for the natural world and our place in it. We use only sustainably sourced ingredients and choose organic whenever possible.

Shea With MeName: Jessica Copeland-Cousins
Business: Shea With Me!
Products: Whipped Shea Body Butter & Sugar Scrub/Exfoliant

Phone: 248-514-2446

Shea With Me! is an all-natural, vegan-friendly, luxury aromatherapy skincare line that partners with The Our Circle Organization to create employment opportunities for adults with autism.



Artist: Katina 
Business: Soapkoh Cleaning & Beauty Refillery
Products: Liquid soaps
Etsy: Soapkoh
I enjoy making liquid cleaning and beauty soaps that have a low waste impact.

Artist: Kimberly
Business: Soap Surprise
Products: I use 6-8-ingredients in my handmade soaps. I can add to melt & pour soap base, cold- or hot-process soaps.

Phone: 734-968-3335
Website: Ebay/SoapSurprise
Facebook: SoapSurprise,LLC
Etsy: Etsy/SoapSurprise40

Waking up every day to create products has been my pleasure, knowing I am making someone happy today.

Artist: Tianna Pitts 
Business:  Diverse Roots LLC
Product:  Natural + Organic Hair Care
Instagram: diverserootsllc
Natural hair care is my passion . My vision was to to create a hair care line that has nothing BUT natural + organic ingredients.  By using natural herbs & oils from Mother Nature herself – we can bring out the best version of our hair & let it flourish like a weed. My products will contain nothing but that – no extra chemicals/ingredients that you can not pronounce . By using my products you will experience : Health . Growth . Deep Root satisfaction . LET’S FLOURISH TOGETHER.

Artist: Violet Whitney
Business: Tiani Body Care
Products: Natural Body Care

Phone: 734-717-9410
Website: Tiani Body Care
Facebook: Tiani Body Care
Etsy: TianiBodyCareCo
Instagram: tianibodycare

I launched Tiani Body Care after obtaining a degree in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology and am the formulator of all of Tiani Body Care products. It has been an exciting journey and is the perfect combination of sharing my love for science, supporting our local community, and living a healthy life. Our primary goal is to create safe and quality products made with several local ingredients. We source many fresh ingredients from farms/small businesses in Michigan and use non-toxic ingredients that are suitable for sensitive skin. We offer a large variety of natural soaps and moisturizers that are made with plant-based ingredients, scented with pure essential oils, and are loved by many households!