Artist: Colleen (“CC”) Bingham
Business: CC Makes Things
Art: Acrylic, watercolor & gouache paintings
Etsy: ccmakesthings
Instagram @cc.makes.things

I’m an artist who loves to play with new mediums and techniques. My go-to is painting, but I occasionally like to create relief prints, embroidery & digital artwork.

This is a line of white.

Artist: Carlye Crisler
Business: Carlye Crisler Street Painter
Art: Oil Paintings
Facebook: carlyecrislerart

Painting the pandemic, I go out every weekend and paint a restaurant with colorful umbrellas while they have their outdoor cafes.

Artist: Elizabeth
Business: Magical Mayhem Art
Art: Watercolor & Digital 2D Art
Etsy: MagicalMayhemArt

I have always admired art, but it was when I took my first watercolor course in college that I truly fell in love. Now, some years later, I have rediscovered that old flame and am creating again. It’s never too late to start! I want to make things with my hands as well as express myself, and watercolor is the perfect form for that.

This is a line of white space.

Artist: Andy McGauran
Art: Printmaking

I mix traditional relief printmaking with watercolor to create lighthearted subjects and narratives.

This is a line of white.

This is a line of white.

This is a line of white.

Artist: Kristal Serna
Business: Watercolor by Kristal Serna
Art: Watercolor Paintings, Prints & Greeting Cards
Facebook: KristalSernaArtist
Instagram kristalserna

I’m a watercolor painter who’s inspired by nature. I love bold colors, and watercolor is my medium of choice because of its ability to create luscious, transparent hues. It’s a temperamental medium that often resists being controlled, much like Mother Nature herself. As such, I feel watercolor is an ideal medium for portraying nature.

Artist: Niki Lee Shipman
Business: Niki Lee Shipman Fine Art
Art: Watercolor Paintings
Facebook: Niki Lee Shipman
Etsy: @nikileeshipman
Instagram @nikileeshipman
Pinterest: @nikileeshipman

The inspiration for my watercolor collection derives from the beauty and artful energy found in my hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan. I painted the city many times during my youth and was briefly involved in the community’s art scene. It wasn’t until much later after a full art education and working for a few years in Chicago that I circled back to begin the collection. When my old Ann Arbor oil paintings had unexpected popularity online, I decided to fill customers’ needs with a fresh line of work.

The series features iconic city and university scenes to commemorate the feeling of home, education, hard work, family, friends and (in many cases) the beginnings of a prestigious career. I am currently working through scenes of Big Ten schools and popular midwest cities, though I plan to expand the collection nationally in the coming years.

Artist: Carissa Van Heest
Business Name: Treehouse Block Prints
Art/Product: Handmade Linocut Prints

My hand-carved, hand-printed linocuts highlight the beauty of everyday life and of small moments.  Printmaking brings peacefulness and calm to my life, and I hope that feeling shines through my work.  My prints are a wonderful addition to any home and they make thoughtful gifts for family and friends.