Floral/Nature/Garden Art

Artist: Joan Hutchinson
Business: Fairview Studios
Art: Medicine wheels, spirit shields, seasonal totems, meditation and chakra wheels, rattles, archetypal characters, prayer arrows, talking sticks, ceremonial fans, five types of smudge.
Email: joanhutchinsona2@gmail.com
Website: www.affeathermations.com
Phone: 734-665-0538

My work invites your connection to nature’s inner energies — and your own limitless possibilities.

Artist: Michele Robb
Business: MishaBella Creations
Products: Gourd art, fairy houses & accessories
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mishabellacreations/
Email: MishaBellacreations@gmail.com
Phone: 734-358-0223

An Ann Arbor, Michigan-based artist, I discovered gourds when trying to create nature-based fairy houses for fairy gardens popularized in the Ann Arbor area many years ago. I soon discovered the hidden world of gourd artists and have been expanding my techniques and creations into a beautiful line of nature-based art, including fairy houses and accessories, vases, bowls, luminaries, and rattles.

Artist: Erik Zeldes
Business: 3D Planted
Art: 3D-printed and concrete plant pots & vases
Email: 3DPlanted@gmail.com
Facebook: 3DPlanted
Etsy: 3DPlanted
Phone: 248-978-7252

A full-on plant nerd with a passion for creation. I started with 3D-printing plant pots and expanded into concrete. My work is inspired by the geometry of nature (or is it the nature of geometry?). Always seeking new says to create and express; forever learning!