Leaf by IPA CeramicsName: Isabel Pereira de Almeida
Business: IPA Ceramics
Products: Stoneware Pottery

Website: https://www.ipaceramics.com/
Instagram: @ipaceramics

I create handmade stoneware pottery, both functional and decorative wares. My passion for ceramics is lifelong, and evolving. At the moment I am enamored with overlapping glazes to create beautiful, chaotic surfaces.

I work with high-fire stoneware, and glaze fire in a reduction environment. My designs are inspired by the simple beauty in our surroundings and some quirkiness.is is a line of white.

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Artist:  Kelly Forest
Business: Michigan Pottery
Product: Ceramics
Phone: 517-605-1663

I have been designing dynamic and creative art pieces for 10+ years and have always loved the shape of the state of Michigan. I design pieces that can be used by both men and women.

Customers enjoy using my food-safe dishes for spoon rests, used tea bags, salad plates, and soap dishes. Place them in a convenient spot that’s your “go-to” location for change, keys, and jewelry. I make small pieces with strong magnets for your fridge, and larger pieces that can be used as decorative wall pieces for use both indoors and outdoors.

The most exciting part of my work is when the pieces travel abroad as gifts for host families or as gifts to students traveling home after studies in the U.S.A. So far the Michigan dishes have traveled to more than seven countries!

Mark Mohrenweiser Michigan BowlArtists: Mark & Patti Mohrenweiser
Business: Beyond Letters
Product: Pottery / Encaustic Paintings
Phone: 810-220-2362

Etsy Store (encaustic) = https://www.etsy.com/shop/BeyondLettersArt

Beyond Letters is a multi-media art studio focused on natural art mediums, encaustic—painting with pigmented beeswax—and ceramics. We draw on the natural world as a focal point to many of our pieces and enjoy creating functional pottery that allows you to bring a bit of the outdoors inside. The layered nature of our encaustic work allows us to add vintage and found objects to our pieces and physically incorporate elements of the natural world into what we create. We look forward to connecting with you and sharing our passion for creativity at the Artisan Market.

Artists: Gregorio Perez and Debi Bailey
Business: Quiet Heron Studio
Product: Ceramics

Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/Quietheronstudio

At Quiet Heron Studio, we fully embrace the connection between the natural world and our art as we create pieces that reflect and harmonize with our surroundings.

While we focus primarily on ceramics, printmaking and woodworking, we also enjoy exploring new media. All of our art is created on location at our hobby farm in Dexter, MI.is is a line of white.

Artist: Doug Worthington
Business: Doug’s Mugs
Product: Ceramics
Facebook: DougsMugs
Functional, hand-thrown clay works, from toothbrush holders to clocks, utensil holders to vases, bowls to wine glasses, and (of course) mugs!
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