In Memoriam

Our Market is a close community of special and unique artists.  We wanted to make a place to remember our artists that have left this world.  A little token of remembrance we can visit and recall the good times and creativity these people so clearly demonstrated.  Thank you.


Lillian “Lil” Snyder February 19, 1947 – November 23, 2012


Lil, is survived by her husband, David, still living in Milan, Michigan.  Lil’s  personal business, Chain Reaction, was how she expressed her passion for jewelry making and designing.  She was a long-standing annual vendor here at our Market since 2007, continuing to show at a number of other local markets and art shows in the area.   Chain Reaction included bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, anklets, holiday ornaments, chainmaille and handwoven wire.  She also enjoyed sharing her skills by teaching  classes at the Stoney Creek Bead and Gallery in Ypsilanti.  Lil described her own work as “made with love, sweat, and tears.”   Lil was a spitfire, not even a full five-feet-tall! And she is fondly remembered and intensely missed by her fellow vendors and loyal customers for her wit and humor.


Rose M. Clawson August 24, 1954 – February 1, 2013


Rose was a gifted basket weaver and seamstress who loved sharing her talents with her customers.  Her booth, Baskets by Rose displayed potpourri jelly, quilts, and unique baskets all handmade with meticulous care.  She was an active vendor in several local fairs for over 15 years in addition to her booth here at our Market since 2007.  Rose’s enthusiasm for the Market encouraged a number new artists and crafts people to apply over the years.  She also served as a hardworking board member for several years.  Rose’s husband, Barry, still resides in Carleton, Michigan. She was a devoted mother, very proud of her two sons, her daughter-in-law, and their accomplishments.  Rose was a sweet and generous soul, known for bringing homemade food on chilly days to share with her fellow vendors. We miss your nurturing nature, Rose.


Coleman Jewett   December 28, 1934 – January 23, 2013


Coleman was a genuine Ann Arbor Townie, serving the community as an educator, sports enthusiast, and craftsperson.  Well known, and respected for his service to the community, he joined our Market at very beginning, after years as a vendor with the Farmers’ Market.  His long-standing booth, Jewett Country, was filled with pine lumber furniture including bookcases, storage crates, and chairs.  But he was most known for his exceptionally hand-crafted Adirondack chairs.  He was often joined by a friend or customer, reclining in the full-size chairs, laughing and talking for the entertainment of a tiny stuffed animal seated in a mini version.  He was always full of laughter, enjoyed a lively conversation, and never forgot a face, whether a loyal customer, former student, or a brand-new vendor. Coleman also designed and custom-made numerous items for fellow vendors, often to solve unique display challenges.  Many vendors remember him most affectionately for his weekly box of donuts from Washtenaw Dairy!   You know you had to arrive and stop into the office early, or miss out.