Want to join the Market?

The Sunday Artisan Market is always looking for new artists to expand our Market.  We accept artists and artisans who represent a wide variety of media: fine art, hand-crafted products, food — diversity is the key to attracting new vendors and bringing in new customers.

In an effort to ensure quality and diversity at the market, an Application committee juries all applicants. We strive for excellence.

Please Note: There is currently a cap on body-care products (soap, etc.). Please check back periodically, however, as caps can and do fluctuate.

There are two types of vendors at the Market:

Annual Vendors

An annual vendor pays $275 (per booth space) and is assigned a space for the season. There are many perks to being an annual vendor. Among them: As an annual, you’ll save on the daily cost for a booth space if you come more than 14 times in a season.  You’ll also benefit by being allowed to set up your booth any time after 8 a.m. (whereas daily space assignments begin at 9:30).  As an extra bonus, annual vendors are offered a featured listing on our website. As an annual vendor, you’re not required to attend every market day, although you are welcome to do so.

Daily Vendors

Daily vendors pay $20 per day for a single booth space. This is an option for artisans who would like to try out the market or who may only be able to come on an irregular basis during the season.

All newly accepted artisans will pay for 3 booth passes ($60) on their first day at Market. These passes can be used on any Market day in the current market season (or in the following season if purchased in October or later). Thereafter, the cost of a booth space will be the current daily booth fee rate.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please:

  1. Read our Operating Rules
  2. Complete the Application Form  (be sure to include the requested materials)
  3. Mail the completed form and requested materials

The Sunday Artisan Market accepts new applications throughout the year.

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