Want to Join the Market?

The Sunday Artisan Market is always looking for new artists and crafters.  We accept artisans who represent a wide variety of media: fine art, crafts, food, service providers — diversity is the key to being a vibrant community of makers and to attracting customers.

In an effort to ensure quality and diversity at the Market, an application committee juries all applications.

Please Note: There is currently a cap on body-care products (soap, etc.). Please check back periodically, however, as caps fluctuate.

There are two ways a vendor can pay for Market booth space:

Annual Vendors

An annual vendor pays $295 per booth space (limit 2) and is assigned a space for the season. There are many perks to being an annual vendor: As an annual, you’ll save on the daily cost for a booth space if you come 14 times or more in a season.  Annuals may set up their booths any time after 8 a.m. (whereas daily vendors are assigned spaces at 9:30).  Annual vendors are offered a listing on our website. Note: As an annual vendor, you are not required to attend every market day but are welcome to do so.

Daily Vendors

A daily vendor pays $22 per day for a booth space (limit 2). This is a good option for artisans who would like to try out the Market or who may not be able to come often.

On his/her first day at the market, a newly accepted vendor pays $60.00 for 3 booth passes. These passes can be used on any Market days. Thereafter, the cost of a booth space will be the daily fee of $22.

A new vendor does not have to decide immediately if he/she wants to be an annual or a daily. We recommend that you start as a daily, and make an informed decision about being an annual vendor, if you choose to do so. We can apply your $60 initial payment toward the annual fee.

If you have questions prior to applying, or at any time, you may:

  • Email the Market manager at tsammanager@gmail.com, or
  • Call the Market voicemail at 734-913-9622  and leave a message. Your call will be returned within 48 hours.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please:

  1. Read our Operating Rules.
  2. Complete an application form.
  3. Mail the completed form and requested materials.

The Sunday Artisan Market accepts new applications throughout the year. We are open from early April until the Sunday before Christmas.

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