Want to Join the Market?

The Sunday Artisan Market is always looking for new artists and crafters.  We accept artisans who make their products by hand and who represent a wide variety of media: fine art, crafts, food, service providers — diversity is the key to being a vibrant community of makers and to attracting customers.

In an effort to ensure quality and diversity at the Market, an application committee juries all applications.

There are two ways a vendor can pay for Market booth space:

Annual Vendors

An annual vendor pays $300 per booth space (limit 2) and is assigned a space for the season. There are many perks to being an annual vendor: As an annual, you’ll save on the daily cost for a booth space if you come 14 times or more in a season.  Annuals may set up their booths any time after 8 a.m. (whereas daily vendors are assigned spaces at 9:30).  Annual vendors are offered a listing on our website. Note: As an annual vendor, you are not required to attend every market day but are welcome to do so.

Daily Vendors

A daily vendor pays $22 per day for a booth space (limit 2). This is a good option for artisans who would like to try the Market or who may not be able to come often.

On his/her first day at the market, a newly accepted vendor pays $60.00 for 3 booth passes. These passes can be used on any Market days. Thereafter, the cost of a booth space will be the daily fee of $22.

A new vendor does not have to decide immediately if he/she wants to be an annual or a daily. We recommend that you start as a daily and make an informed decision about being an annual vendor, if you choose to do so. We can apply your $60 initial payment toward the annual fee.

If you have questions prior to applying, or at any time, you may:

  • Email the Market manager at tsammanager@gmail.com, or
  • Call the Market voicemail at 734-913-9622  and leave a message.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please:

  1. Read our Operating Rules.
  2. Complete an application form.
  3. Mail the completed form and requested materials to the Market’s post-office box address, which is included on the application.

The Sunday Artisan Market accepts new applications throughout the year. We are open from early April until the Sunday before Christmas.

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