Mixed Media

Artist: Willy Borja
Business: Iron Willy’s Fabrication
Art: Custom Home Decor & Fabrication
Phone: 616-419-9654

Etsy: IW Fabrication

I create custom home decor using new and recycled materials. I strive to create unique and quality items to fit a wide variety of spaces, including homes, garages, and businesses. I have a passion for creating and putting new life into old and forgotten materials.

Artist: Deborah Cherrin
Business: Wise Owl Artworks
Art: Multimedia Collage
I design dazzling collages using translucent papers to create a glowing, idyllic, and enchanted representation of gardens, forests, woodlands, and wildlife. My unique style of artwork communicates the deep spiritual connection we have with the Earth and the natural beauty that surrounds us. I sell my original artworks and giclee prints, as well as a curated selection of canvas totes and bags, stationery, and home decor with my designs.

Artists: Gigi Diaz & Elizabeth Connolly
Business: Serendipity Artistry
Art: Handcrafted shower gifts (baby & wedding), hostess gifts, paper creations for the home, special occasions, and holiday decor.
Sisters who combined our interests and creative tendencies to create some handcrafted, distinctive, and unique pieces.  We love working with office supplies from folded paper ornaments, shadow boxes, and paper flowers to dragon eggs.  We also create custom baby gifts and seasonal wood posts.  We look forward to seeing you around the market.

Artist: Nick Homrich
Business: BlinkLab Workshop
Art: Repurposed materials and locally sourced hardwoods made into unique lighting and home decor.
Email: NickHomrich@gmail.com
Facebook: Facebook.com/BlinkLabWorkshop
Etsy: Etsy.com/shop/BlinkLab
Instagram: instagram.com/BlinkLabWorkshop

I have been making my products for over 20 years. In 2011 I turned a passion into a business and have been growing it ever since.

Artist: Rachel Jaworski
Business: Pretty Paper Cuts Etc.
Art: Various forms of art and toys made from cut paper
Email: prettypapercuts@gmail.com
Instagram: prettypapercutsetc

I am inspired by my 2 kids, as well as colors and textures that I discover every day.

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Artist: Laura Johnson
Business:  Découpage Collage
Art/Product: Mixed-media collage furniture and decor
Facebook: @a2artwerks

I believe in the power of transformation. In my art, I combine sustainability with beauty, employing decoupage to morph unwanted objects into objects d’art.

As I apply seemingly simple materials of paper and glue, old scarred but structurally sound furniture leaps to life in an exuberance of color teeming with nature’s glory: Dressers metamorphose into rainbow fantasies of birds and fish. Mismatched, dented chairs become colorful conversation pieces. Coat racks and picture frames bring the flower garden indoors on the dreariest day. I even use the world’s oldest paper (birch bark) to create a fresh, neutral palette for modern objects.

All items are made with a stringent commitment to reuse and repurposing. With the exception of glue and finishes, I do not purchase ready-made or new items. It is a labor of love to glean and revive my materials. It is in this spirit, I reanimate unloved items into objects of beauty and worth.

Artist: Alvey Jones
Business: OpenSky Press
Art: Artist books, original prints, paintings, drawings, mixed-media assemblage, greeting cards and peanut brittlle.
Email: alveyjones@att.net
Website: alveyjones.com

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Artist: Teresa Kovalak
Business: Monet’s Crystal Garden
Art: Jewelry & recycled antiques
Facebook: Monet’s Crystal Garden
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/monetscrystalgarden

I am a local artist who recycles antiques and makes them into a variety of things — teapot birdhouses, garden decor, and jewelry. I am also a painter, using alcohol inks on tiles to create unique landscapes.

Artist: Mike Mouradian
Business: LawnTrout Guitars
Art: Guitars, ukuleles, and dulcimers made from cigar boxes
Email: Mouradia@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lawntroutguitars/
Website: www.LawnTrout.com

Made in the tradition of the old blues artists, these are three-stringed guitars tuned to CDG for easy playing with a slide. They can easily be tuned to other cords, too.  My guitars are handmade from modern cigar boxes with turn-of-the-century artwork on them. They have old maple necks; some are fretted. Non-fretted guitars come with a wine-bottle glass slide. All guitars are electric and can be plugged into an amp. If you need a special theme, let me know.

Artists: Heather Robinson & Jake Sleutel
Business: Craft Raft Studio, LLC
Art: Ceramics, sculpture, weavings, fiber art, drawings, and jewelry
Phone: (616) 350-3244
Email: craftraftstudio@gmail.com
Website: craftraftstudio.com
Instagram: @craftraftstudio

We believe handmade objects and art have the power to positively impact the user, the maker, and the world! We use sustainable, high-quality, and repurposed materials in our work. We are happy to join The Sunday Artisan Market to show and sell our work to our community. For more information about us and our work, visit our website.

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