marykerrwebsitepicArtist: Mary Green Kerr
Business: Mary Green Kerr Photography & Art, L.L.C.
Products: Fused glass jewelry and home accessories, including plates, bowls, coasters, sun catchers, and Christmas ornaments
Phone: 313-530-7478

As a longtime photographer, I have always been fascinated by the colors of nature. After dabbling in mosaics and discovering the many colors of glass, fusing was a natural progression. I am still inspired by all the colors around us.

Artist: Diane Sheffrey
Business: Baubles
Products: Blown and fused glass items and felted wool items


I have always sewn and done needlework because it relaxes me. Getting into glass was a bit of a fluke. I won a certificate to do a one-day session at Baron Glassworks. I was hooked on glass!

Artist: Barbra Stewart
Business: “Heavy Artwork”/BHStewartRocks
Products: stained glass mosaics for wall hanging; trivets, etc; portraits; fine-tiled tables; custom work.

Phone: 734-476-7323


I belong in that large category of artists who want people to buy their work for the simple reasons that I want to share it and keep doing it. The Market is a true artistic community for me to share in. It provides an irreplaceable venue for my art.



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