Fabrics/Textiles/Fiber Arts

Artist: Michelle Belbin
Business: Buzzy Bear Clothing
Product: Upcycled Children’s Fashion
Website: http://www.buzzybearclothing.com
Email: info@buzzybearclothing.com
Phone: 404-247-9472

My business was founded on the belief that our young ones can be unique, stylish, and comfortable all while reducing their ecological footprint. I have a degree in fashion design and had worked for a professional theater company as a designer before I moved on to designing and sewing figure skating costumes for World- and Olympic-level skaters. Throughout my career, all my clients had one thing in common: they wanted to be unique but wouldn’t wear a garment if it was not comfortable. In my experience as a mother of two, this applies equally to children, so combining style and function is a Buzzy Bear Clothing principle.

Artist: Janet Denson
Business: JDenson Designs
Product: Japrons (wrap-around aprons), bib aprons, and more. Aprons and other accessories to wear in the kitchen and beyond. 100% cotton, pre-washed and pre-shrunk fabrics.
Email: jdenson5612@gmail.com
Phone: 734-678-8434
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/search?q=jdensondesigns

I have over 40 years of sewing/designing experience. You name it, I’ve made it …  fromleather socks to wedding dresses and everything in between. Now specializing in the Japron, the apron that can be worn in the kitchen and beyond. Custom orders welcome.

Artist:  Doreen Jessenjessen_red_orb_web
Business:  Geometries, L.L.C.
Product:  Hand-crafted bags, each one designed with a reason for existence.
Email:  djessen.geometries@gmail.com

The bags I make are a reflection of function, with a splash of fun thrown in. I am influenced by the relationship of shapes and colors, the intersection of perceived objects and backgrounds. Hence, Geometries.


Artist: Ellen Lecureux
Business: Art in Stitches
Product: Quilted pictures, wall hangings, blankets, pillows, ornaments, table runners, buffet pads, coasters
Email: Lecureuxk@sbcglobal.net
Phone: 248-880-0288

After retiring, I resumed my hobby of sewing. I began free- motion quilting and haven’t looked back. I thread sketch/thread paint on photos printed on fabric and on fabric panels. The quilt can be created for a picture, wall hanging, blanket, pillows, etc. Use of specialty thread and other forms of embellishment provide a 3-D effect. Custom work is available.

Artist: Anne MacKinnon
Business: Anne’s Marbling
Product: Fiber Arts: Hand-Marbled Silk Scarves & Clothing
Email: annesmarbling@gmail.com

I’ve lived in Ann Arbor for more than 20 years and began marbling in Oregon. Marbling is an ancient art in which paints are floated on the surface of a thin gel, then manipulated with a series of rakes and combs to create intricate patterns. Fabric is then carefully laid onto the surface. The pattern absorbs instantly into the fabric. Today, I focus on hand-marbled clothing made out of cotton and silk for babies, children and adults.

Artist: Lauren Olson
Business: Remark Clothing
Product: Upcycled Clothing
Phone: 248-840-0231
Facebook: Remark Clothing
With concern about clothing sent to the landfill or sent overseas to destroy clothing markets, I make clothing from the most overproduced piece of apparel: the t-shirt. I design and fabricate each dress, skirt, and shirt.

Artist:  Daren Otis
Business: Lightweight Travel Totes
Product: Purses, Tote Bags, and Accessories
Email: darensbags@aol.com
Website: www.lightweighttraveltotes.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lightweighttraveltotes
Phone: 734-525-3549
  Lightweight totes, purses, and accessories made of gorgeous fabrics.  Practical and affordable, too.

I learned to sew at the age of 7. Many years later I found some free upholstery samples and made a few bags – the story is on my website. I’ve been my own boss since age 23 when I quit my job of 1 year. I decided then that I would never work in an office again.

Ann_20Sheppard_1_-357x240Artist:  Ann Sheppard
Business: Such Pretty Colors
Product: Table Linens, Quilts, Pillows, Pendants, Kid’s T-Shirts, Artwork
Email: ann@suchprettycolors.com
Website: www.suchprettycolors.com
Etsy:  suchprettycolors.etsy.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/suchprettycolors
Products/Info:  Colorful placemats & table runners, napkins, quilts, wallhangings, plus t-shirts, bags, magnets, cards, artwork, and other assorted goodies. Custom orders welcomed.

I have been working in color through fabric since 1997, creating bright, vibrant placemats, table runners, napkins, wallhangings, and quilts in many colorways.  I also offer many items featuring my original photographs and illustrations, such as throw pillows, Ann Arbor souvenir t-shirts, greeting cards, magnets and more.  Animals, trees, flowers, nature, and women are frequent themes in my work.  I follow the philosophy of William Morris: “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”


Artist:  Noreen Smith
Business: Knit Stitch Love
Product: Handcrafted Textiles
Email:  NRSmith55@gmail.com
Phone: 734-645-0602
Website: KnitStitchLove.com (under construction)

Products/Info: Hand-knitted items for infants, children and adults – both natural fibers and acrylic yarns. Newborn swaddling sets, funky, original designs for headgear. For all ages. Fantasy-theme capes for children. Dresses, tops and aprons for little girls through junior size, from vintage pillowcases. Hand-embroidered denim. Custom orders welcome.

Artist: Angela Winter
Business: Michigan Mae’d Clothing
Product: Tie-Dyed shirts, tank tops, baby clothing, and other items.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michiganmaed/

All of my products are hand-dyed by me, just for you! All items are pre-treated with soda ash and heat set, so the colors remain vibrant through many washes and wears. Place a custom order for a one-of-a-kind piece. Sport your favorite team’s colors or get matching colored shirts for the whole family. Email me through my Etsy shop to get a quote!

JeanWolter93_1_-357x239Artist:  Jean Wolter
Business: Knits and Glitz
Product: Knit & Felted Hats, Scarves and Bags
Email: jeanbwolter@aol.com

Products/Info:  Felted hats and bags designed and adorned using lovely combinations of colors and textures. Most bags are lined. Some matching scarves and hats using ultra soft and warm yarns such as alpaca and silk. Comfortable and luxurious accessories. Some items embellished with beadwork.

Artist: Camille Wright
Business: 615 South Accessories
Art: Handmade handbags, book bags, duffel bags, frame purses, bow ties
I have over 10 years of sewing experience and enjoy making different types of accessories, from bow ties to holiday decorations to home decor. But I’m truly passionate about making bags. If you can carry it, I can make it. Custom orders are welcome.
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