Artist: Barry Braun
Business: Swallowtail Pottery
Art: Functional and beautiful pottery for all occasions
Email: barry@swallowtailpottery.com
Website: http://swallowtailpottery.com

I’ve been involved with clay for over 50 years. My relationship with my material allows me to make items that are both beautiful and functional. I use and test all my designs in my own kitchen. I will take custom orders at the market on Sundays.

Artist: Carol Repasky
Business: Art Bird Pottery
Products: Handmade Pottery
Text: 734-218-6647
Email: BirdNerdDesigns@gmail.com

As a potter, I hope to make people pause, think, smile, laugh or be amused by my unique and light-hearted pieces.  I thrive on learning new techniques and embrace going outside of my comfort zone to stretch my skills.

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